ATTA-NSW Junior Team Sprint Debut With JC Kids


Victoria coming up while Jono leads Sophie

Junior Cyclist’s, Jonathan Bonora (JM15), Sophie Pappas (JW15) and Victoria Brash (JG13) represented ATTA-NSW at the Team Sprints held at Dunc Gray Velodrome today. The event marked a significant first step for the kids, and both Junior Cyclist & ATTA-NSW.

All three kids trained hard over a number of weeks to compete at today’s events. They hoped to form a team in the Junior Mens 15 event with one male and two females in the team. A few days before the event, the news came in that females could ride in the JM15 event, however a JG13 girl could not move up.

The girls were determined to ride with their team-mate even if it meant riding an extra exhibition race. Victoria and Jono led out Sohpie to complete three laps of DGV in 70.442 seconds.


Victoria and Sophie – Silver JW15 NSW Team Sprint

Earlier in the day Victoria led out Sophie in a heat and a final to post a time of 46.191 seconds over 2 laps in the JW15 event. The girls took home silver behind a strong Illawarra team for the NSW Club Team Sprint Championship. -Congratulations kids!

The kids raced the event for the first time and with them they brought two more firsts. Junior Cyclist developed our first sprint team in just a few months of coming together. Our work as an organisation has also meant ATTA-NSW has seen their first junior representation at a state event.

It might seem like Junior Cyclist and ATTA-NSW is the new kid on the block, but the reality is these juniors have been riding together for a number of years under their coaches Gay and Ian Watson who each have close to 30 years experience in developing junior cycling. Its little wonder we are growing so quickly.


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