Come-and-Try Week

Last week was the last week before the InterSchool competition starts with Round 1.

We welcomed Georgina, Joshua and Alfred to the Junior Cyclist racing at the Lansdowne Circuit, and saw the return of Payton and Kensyn since the winter season racing commenced in April. As usual racing began with the time trial, the order of starters is settling as more of the riders return with much improved lap times from the end of the last winter season. Kristie was once again the fastest rider bettering last week’s efforts by a further 5 seconds, and Jemma also must be congratulated for very impressive time trial. Ryker, Joshua and Alfred all set there bench marks as first time racers in the winter season. Well done on the circuit it was also great to see the confidence improve on each lap and the time drop, I expect big improvements on your next effort.

Winners in the five divisions for the scratch races were Jessica who came through to beat Alfred on the finish line in group E, Lauren who went out hard from the start to lead in Joshua who held the time difference on lap 2 in group D. Group C was a very close race with Payton leading Ollie, Elena, Julia and Gracie, who all sprinted in for second place at 5 seconds behind Payton the winner.

In Group B Georgia B held on up the hill and sprinted to her second win in 2 weeks, also well done to first-time racer Georgina who stayed with the pack to finish 3rd. In Group A, Kristie had a very powerful ride into first place.

Race 1, in the Handicap, saw a big win to Alfred, he improved his lap time in the scratch race and on a bigger bike raced to a big win, Lauren held off the chasing pack to 2nd place, with Ollie breaking away to a 3rd place finish. A special mention to Joshua M, who held on to 6th spot holding off a number of fast finishing chasers. In the last race of the afternoon, Scratch starter Kristie managed to catch Georgina and Payton on the last lap of the 3 who came 2nd and 3rd.


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