Largest Sydney Contingent At State Champs

The Under 9-13 NSW Track State Championships were held on a very hot Dubbo weekend. Eleven JC riders made their way to Dubbo to contest three events over two days. Only one other club from Sydney equalled the number of JC riders. JC are hot on the heels of the regional clubs who all had strong representation including Dubbo, Bathurst and Orange Cycling Club. It was great to see them out there. Without strong participation from these clubs, we would have very small fields.

The championship events included the Individual Time Trial and a Scratch race on the first day followed by a Sprint Derby on day two.

AlexITTStartAs always, all the kids gave it their best shot. Alexandra Pappas recorded a personal best and an ATTA-NSW record in the JG13 time trial with 40.06 seconds. Unfortunately it was not enough to put her into medal contention. The eventual ITT winner, Tyler Puzicha from Bathurst, was so fast she could have claimed the boys gold medal too!

VictoriaITTStartWhile most of us were able to make it to Dubbo on Friday night for a good sleep and a restful Saturday morning, Victoria Brash was left with no choice but to start Saturday morning in Sydney and make her 400km trip to Dubbo with a race on the same day. Her preparation was more suited to the DVT state champs, rather than the track state champs. Despite this, Victoria put in 100% in every race and still managed to make it into the JG13 scratch race final. -I bet she slept well on Saturday night.

FlynnFlynn Whittaker left everything on the track and came in exhausted after each race. Whenever a kid finishes a race, I always chat with them to see if they can answer. I don’t care what the answer is, just how long it takes for them to get the words out between breaths. The more breaths the more respect I have for their effort. This kid definitely has my respect. Looking at the time trial results, he has already moved up a few rungs on the time-trial ladder in his first year of racing. -Great work Flynn!

AxelITTAfter only racing a track bike for a couple of weeks Axel Jurd came third in the sprint repêchage at his first state championship. -Pretty good considering he was on a bike he had never used before.

AliyahVictoriaAliyah Jurd with similar racing experience demonstrated strong potential once her gearing was adjusted. -It turns out she can get on top of her gear! -I can’t wait to see her race after a few weeks training at 5.5 metres.

Sarah Allwork finished with bronze in the JG11 time trial and a silver in both the scratch and sprint events. Kai Goltman took home bronze in an exciting photo finish for the JB11 sprint.

Georgia2Georgia Bonora and fellow team mate, Alexandra, faced off in a thrilling sprint repêchage. Alex led the race in the early stages, but Georgia Bonora put her determination and powerful legs into over drive to win and progress into the semi finals. -Keep it up Georgia.

JuliaITTAfter taking silver in both events on day one, the only event left for Julia Pappas was the sprint derby on day two. All JG9 riders proceeded straight into the final without any heats. Well actually, their only heat was from the 38 degree Dubbo scorcher. Julia’s coach, Gay Watson, spotted the late schedule would place her final in the hottest part of the day. She quickly deputised big sister Sophie as Chief Hydrator. -Her only tasks were to keep Julia hydrated, cool and fuelled until her event. Her diligence paid off and Julia managed to take home three silver medals.

All up, Junior Cyclist riders claimed seven medals from five categories. This is another massive effort considering JC has only been racing since October. -I can’t wait until the road season where we can field even bigger numbers.

SophieWheelracePodiumWe can’t forget our two under 15 riders. Both Jonathan Bonora and Sophie Pappas competed in their début open event held on the Saturday night after the junior championships. As first year U15 riders, both struggled to secure strong positions against strong fields. In the four lap wheelrace, Sophie found herself on 120m behind Matilda Jones from Hunter District who had a 140m handicap. Matilda had beaten Sophie in every race yet Matilda had a 20 metre head start! As it happened the handicapping, turned out to be a blessing in disguise. One of the lightest rider in the field had the heaviest handler in the field. The plan was for me to throw Sophie down the track as far as possible (is there another kind of plan?) and for Sophie to use all her energy to bridge the rest of the way to Matilda, recover for a little while on Matilda’s wheel before working with her for the middle and to fight it out for first and second. It worked well with Sophie eventually taking second place behind Matilda. It was great to see both girls working together to stay away from the scratch markers who were steadily bearing down on them.

DubboVolunteerFinally a few words for all the Dubbo volunteers who devoted their weekend to the championships and open events. Its even more impressive when they had such a large field of their own kids yet still managed to find the time to cover their volunteering duties.

Their job is even harder on such a hot day. -While everyone else is hydrating their kids, they had to balance their parenting with their volunteering tasks.

Thank you Dubbo Cycling Club.


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  1. Kudos to Kai and Liam Goltman for their first State track championship. They did very well

  2. Congratulations on your first Track State Champs kids

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