conesKids attending JC should be able to ride a bike by themselves, without the support of an adult or training wheels.

It is ok for them to struggle a little with mounting and dismounting as these are skills which will be taught and developed. They should at a minimum be able to use the brakes, ride holding their bike in a straight line and be comfortable to ride with other kids around them.

KidsOnBikesLogoKids on training wheels and kids who need an adult to support them are encouraged to contact Kids on Bikes to transition them to ride independently before attending Junior Cyclist.



Any bike in good working order will do.

kids road

All new riders should start with whatever bike they already have.¬†Resist buying a new bike if your child already has a bike. There are a lot of traps when buying a junior specific bike. Ask for advice from the coaches before buying your child’s next bike.

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