External Event Providers

Junior Cyclist promotes a number of events throughout the year, including:

InterSchool Cycling – All Schools Cup Rounds and Student Championships

Bicycle NSW – Spring Cycle and Gear Up Girl

Cycling NSW – Metropolitan and State Championships

Cycling NSW – Club Junior Tours and Carnivals

We are also happy to promote other cycling events in a number of ways.


Basic Promotion

Basic promotion involves sharing your event by means of social media and/or email. We will simply share information about events that do not clash with events in our published calendar. This typically attracts a few families to your event.

If you would like basic promotion of your event, please contact us via the Contact Us page.


Premium Promotion

We also offer premium promotion to our members to encourage them to attend external events such as Junior Tours and Junior Carnivals. This sort of promotion will typically attract 20-50* entries to your event.

Our members experience:

  • Social media and email promotion for your event.
  • Communal camp area at your event.
  • Coaching staff at your event.
  • Team Mechanic at your event.
  • Team Manager  at your event.
  • Equipment and spares at your event.

Our calendar will work around your Premium event so that we do not clash. There are more events than what we can support/promote. Clubs are encouraged to Contact Us in the months leading up to the start of the new season to ensure that we schedule our events around their proposed date. The following factors are considered for premium promotion:

  • Reciprocated attendance – Do we see your members participating at our major events?
  • Distance from Sydney – How far do we need to travel?
  • Duration – How many nights accommodation do our members need to participate?
  • History – Does your club have a reputation for well run events?
  • Event Frequency – Does your event fall too close to another premium event?

Not all factors need to be satisfied, but the more you have the better. Contact Us early to avoid disappointment.

* ~50% of JC members represent ATTA-NSW, and ~25% represent other CNSW clubs based in Sydney. For every two ATTA-NSW members at your event, there is a member of another club that JC are supporting on the day.

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