Wollongong Big Day Out

The Junior Cyclist Big Day out was held on Tuesday. We drove down to the Bulli Beach Cafe and then rode down to Wollongong from there.

So you’re thinking “wow, what a long ride?” -No, it was barely 12km.

Yeah, but it must have been fast, right? -Nope, we had a couple of 7 seven year old girls riding with us.

You would have climbed some nasty hills though? -There were none. It was flat all the way.

Were you testing out the latest carbon race bike? -Nup. Most were riding fixies, free-singles and mountain bikes.

So why do it? -Just for the FUN of it.

Before heading off from the car-park, we were roped into featuring in some random kid’s school video assignment, or should I say some random dad’s school video assignment. 🙂

We rode a few k’s before stopping at North Wollongong for a bite to eat.

The kids tried to fly a kite with no wind.

We watched skydivers land to the ground with pinpoint accuracy. There were half a dozen in every plane load.

The kids kicked off their shoes and promised to only go in the water up to their ankles. -The kids lied. They were soaked right through. They played in the sand, the water and among the rocks. They checked out the sea creatures with Ian who knows all sorts of interesting stuff that was passed down to him from his marine biologist mum, and his time working at the Fisheries & Wildlife.

After lunch we went a little further south to check out the lighthouse and the touristy stuff. The kids ended up becoming a tourist attraction for a couple of bus tours. -Checkout the cool T-shirt on the lady in the foreground of one of the cannon photos.

The main reason we did it was for the play equipment and ice-cream at the end. -Yeah, we could have done that in Sydney, but it was more fun in Wollongong. The kids can’t wait for the next Kids On Bikes big day out.


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